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Welcome to Nima

Welcome to Nima! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your ride through this town! But hey before you do so; make sure you pick an acquaintance with you.

It’s undoubtedly one of the busiest towns in Accra, brimming with a light and love that enthralls and capture even the hardest of hearts. It’s harmoniously engaging in virtually every aspect of its life.

As human as we are, we differ respectively in many ways. Religion, tribe, clan, language, complexion and most importantly character.

Nima is a town of benevolence and hospitality. It is not hospitable to its neighbors only but to guests and visitors irrespective of how remote they may be.

An instance finds expression in the fate of a young Nigerian man who sojourned to “Nimaland” to make ends meet. He was fortunate enough to find a job. However the job was tedious and he began wearing off. The people in the house in which he lodged began to show concern.

They thought because he had no family in Nima and was all alone, they gave him the utmost care they could to make sure he gets well in order to find another better job.

They provided him meals and medication. Another privilege he enjoyed was the fact that he did not pay for lodging. Such is the beauty of the inhabitants of Nima.

When I was in senior high school at Armed Forces in Burma Camp, if not most, some of the brilliant students were from Nima. I solely cannot remember the full names of these Nimarian Armed Forces students but the school saw the likes of  Faisal Alhassan who was a Science student from 2012 class, Abdallah  Yussif and Tinjani  both from the Technical class, Abdul Karim, from Visual Arts() and the list goes on. These guys were tranquil. If they don’t tell you “I’m from Nima” there is no way you are going to figure out. And even if they did, you still would not believe.

To make things easier, Hawawu Ahmed, my school prefect was from Nima. I could not have had any prefect as bright, composed and as meek as she was. Not to forget Portia Drah from General Arts ‘C’ 2014 class. A pleasant lady she was! So unruffled and soother than I am.  A few of our descendants took over from where we left.

Although there are still few Nimarians who would eat into the rules but note that we do not side with wrong. You have to dance to the tune you requested for.

For decades there has been the misconception that Nima is a bastion of insecurity. But firmly I say no, it is not. It is one of the most peaceful places you can ever find on the third planet. We are fun and loving people to hang out with. If you want to be sure, I will always be available to take you around.

My assertion is not the one that seeks to portray Nimarians as saints but to rip off the misconception people clutch about this astounding town. There is no perfect human being. Among every group, there is surely the rotten pea who affects the good ones and changes their entire taste.

In your mind’s eye, a cousin of yours once committed a heinous crime and was sanctioned. I think that should end it all right? But, ages later, fingers point at you for your cousin’s sin. How will that feel? You were not involved in the act, were you? So why should you be tagged as a criminal? Is that condemnation just?

That is the tragedy of Nima. Some unscrupulous persons did wrong sometime ago and Nima as a whole was black-labeled. Labeled as “Notorious”.


Stoutly and firmly, I object! Yussif Jajah, the Member of Parliament for Ayawaso North Constituency and Ibrahim Saani Daara, Communication Director of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) are from Nima.

Abdul Salam Amadu (C.E.O of AFRO ARAB Group of Companies), Mahmud Jajah, Abdulsalam Mohammed Daaru (Executive Director of Yaasalam Opportunity Center and a Senior Nursing Officer at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital) , Inusah Mohammed aka Maazi Okoro (founder of Success Book Club) and those that I could not mention.

They are all youths from Nima and directly or indirectly they’re changing the face of our country Ghana. Beyond the sky is their limit.

In my candid opinion, Nima is an Arabic word known as “Ni’mah” which literally means “Grace”. With the little noise I’ve made above, you should know that instead of us being tagged as notorious rather we should be marked as “gracious” entities.

For once put yourself in the shoes of Nima, feel how it feels, get to know its people and I can assure you PARADISE IN NIMA.

Enjoy your ride!

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