We will work according to our arrangements for a dependable election – EC

The Director of Elections at the Electoral Commission (EC) Dr Serebour Quarcoo, has said the decisions the board body will work with its very own set down prepares of the current year’s races.
Dr Quarcoo said the 1992 constitution engages the EC to attempt exercises including the accumulation of another voter’s register to guarantee that decisions are free, reasonable and solid.
He, in this manner, said the EC won’t be influenced by what a few people believe is best for Ghana in light of the fact that “by the day’s end individuals will pass judgment on us dependent on the choice we took and not people’s opinion of us.”
Dr Quarcoo’s remark comes after a gathering of Ghanaians including the principle resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) approached the discretionary administration body to annul plans to arrange another register for the December decisions.
The Managing Editor of the Daily Insight paper, Mr Kwesi Pratt has said Ghanaians will dismiss the consequences of the general decisions in December if any individual or ideological group utilizes any hanky-panky intends to win power.
Mr Pratt and a gathering of common society associations including the NDC are kicking against the new voter roll.
They state the move is an inefficient endeavor and can toss the country into tumult.
Tending to an open gathering on the new voter register in Accra on Thursday, 9 January 2020, Mr Pratt stated: “Whatever we do, the 2020 decisions is a significant stage in our battle. In the event that that political race is led unreservedly and reasonably, we should acknowledge whoever is proclaimed champ, however on the off chance that that political decision is led in the ‘conie-conie’ way we are starting to see, we’ll not acknowledge the outcome.
“Confidants and companions, this isn’t riffraff animating, this is maintaining the Constitution in light of the fact that the Constitution charges we all to ensure that no one utilizes any hanky-panky route in accepting force in this nation, that is a protected directive”.
In any case, Dr Quarcoo told Kwabena Prah Jnr (The Don) on Ghana Yen som on Accra 100.5FM that “The EC will proceed with the designs to order another register.”
“We have our arrangements and projects, individuals can choose to concur or differ however we accept our arrangements are useful for Ghana’s decisions.
“The constitution gives us the command to aggregate another register and, along these lines, we will proceed. Toward the day’s end individuals will pass judgment on us dependent on the choice that we took and not people’s opinion of us so we’ll work with our arrangement and program and not what individuals think.
“On the off chance that what a few people are calling for won’t support us, we won’t work with it,” he included.

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