Is it not strange that a person freshly in love boldly and proudly say that he or she cannot lay a finger on exactly why s/he loves someone but when things get tough, there is always a reason why he wants to end it with that same person? As unpopular as this may sound, it can never be debunked that no one loves another with no reason.
In fact, it is either out of ignorance or it is a scam to hear or say that you love someone for no reason. Wait, I will explain my point. Just stay focused. Even God loves us for a reason. That will be a topic for discussion another time.
Anytime two persons come together, there is a reason for that meeting. Love is not an exception. Relationship is driven by two (2) fundamental things: EXPECTATIONS and SATISFACTION.
Expectations are those things that you either look out for before you decide to be with someone or that which you look out for when you are with someone. They are all desires. These desires are things you are introduced to and with time come to appreciate them because they make you happy or are things you have settled on as those that will give you happiness.
Those you have settled on as that which will give you happiness are the Expectations you go into the relationship with. It is not surprising that every person has a list he/she wants a partner to satisfy before a yes [By now, your mind’s eye is skimming through your list]. Some are fundamental and some are absolute gibberish. Many if not all of us, are guilty of this.
It cannot be overlooked that some of the reasonable items of the list are sometimes compromised but remember that when a person says YES after you satisfy the requirements on their list, those you passed are deemed responsible for that consent given. As such, he or she will expect that those things manifest in the relationship [no adanko daadaa adwee moves]. Can you still say that you love him or her for no reason?
Secondly, you may have expectations because you were INTRODUCED to some desires. Have you thought of why you meet a person and it takes some time for that person to have feelings for you? A person may introduce you to his or her world: a world you are either not familiar with, have desired and never gotten to taste or something you have always condemned. It can be emotional or material desires like a particular form of sexual life, attention, particular way of thinking or even a specific knowledge of a subject of life.
Immediately you begin to enjoy those things, you stand a chance of falling for two things: that which you are experiencing and the person who introduced you to that particular experience. You are likely to love that person for that newly introduced desire.
When that happens, an expectation is created which will demand that you continue to satisfy them or even spice them up AND NOT stop! That becomes a reason for which you’ll love him or her.
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. You do not always have to prove that you are to be loved. Sometimes you have to be loved because you are worthy of being loved. I agree to that but what makes you worthy of being loved by that specific person? Whether they are honest or overly inflated, there are always expectations. These form the basis of Reasons. It is a problem if you do not know why you love someone.
The problem is that you will not be able to help the person to meet your expectations and worst of all, you may fall for anything. If you know why you love someone, you can help them satisfy that desire turned expectation. There is always a reason why you love someone else there would not have been reasons why you want to leave them.
©Prince Benson Mankotam

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