TV host celebrates her divorce, says she's thankful though her marriage was short-lived

There’s a colloquialism that “in everything express appreciation to God” and Ms Nancy is simply doing as such.
The Ghanaian TV moderator and holistic mentor who has Gh One TV’s grown-up show “Duvet” took to web based life to praise her separation in an uncommon way which has pulled in eyeballs and profound respect for her.
Posting a photograph from her big day, she stated “Observing My Divorce. I am exceptionally appreciative to God for the finesse of getting hitched once despite the fact that it was a short one. Extremely appreciative that I was respected by a man who venerated me and needed to impart his life to me”.
One fan with the handle @adomabenaagyenimboateng, answering her post expressed “Goodness, you are solid, and now I love you much more” and another said “It’s well Mom, God has an arrangement for you, it will most likely happen”
She wrote below on her IG page:
“Celebrating My Divorce. I am very grateful to God for the grace of getting married once even though it was a very short one.
Very grateful that I was honoured by a man who adored me and wanted to share his life with me. I am equally grateful that the marriage brought me to my divine location to fulfil my divine destiny.
Grateful that I had the grace and confidence to accept its turnout. When I think about this day, which I rarely do, I feel very grateful for it, even though It didn’t take me to the land of happily ever after, it took me to the land of impact and relevance.
When you plan and pray about something and it doesn’t work out, maybe it really didn’t have to work out. Cry, sleep, get up and live. Yes, I will love again and again and again. NB: the man in the picture is my father walking me down the aisle.”

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