This is why Naa Ashorkor was sacked from Multimedia Group

Per records available to kandeyalhassan.com, Naa Ashorkor is claimed to have reliably discovered approaches to dodge her TV duty, an activity that has ended her agreement with the Multimedia Group.
Additionally, the entertainer, Naa Ashorkor, was paid a month’s pay in lieu of the notification of her sacking. She isn’t the main Multimedia worker that ought to be leaving the outfit around this period. Others might be cut out our sources state.
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She failed to specify the reason for her termination of agreement by the Multimedia Group when she announced it earlier on her Instagram handle.

She  Provided for both Radio and Television. Most media houses in Ghana employ the Convergence model, where employees are required to work across the various properties of the stable under one contract document
Management had reason to believe she consistently and intentionally abandoned  the television part of the agreement
 She will be paid one month salary in lieu of the decision to terminate her appointment
She gets an extra month’s salary to see her through the period.

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