The Tricycle: The Leading Cause of Road Accidents In Ghana

The transport industry of Ghana experienced a major boost for the past few years with the emergence of Tricycles, popularly called Keke or Yellow yellow.
With the tricycle, Movement from one place to another has been improved and made less stressful in the country
Unfortunately, these tricycles also increased the rate of road accidents in the country.
According to JoyNews, a new document reveal that about six (6) out of every ten (10) road accidents are caused by tricycles all over Ghana, especially in the northern regions.
In the northern regions, almost 7 out of 10 tricycles are operated by children bellow the age of 18 years. Most of these drivers have never gone through any driving tuition and are not experience .
A lot of the road accidents are caused by reckless driving, unnecessary overtaking, substance abuse by drivers, phonecalls while driving among others.
So the next time you want to board a tricycle, make sure the driver looks normal and of the legal age.
©Firdaus Kataali Tiyumli

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