The man  'surprisingly' caught between the devil and the deep blue sea

His story has sent shivers down many spines and even kept tongues wagging incessantly after his picture went viral on several social media platforms.
From a good look at his picture, the youngman (name unknown) who appeared to be in his late twenties seemed to be in the hot waters.
The photo with a caption: “Man  forced a mad woman to have sex has been given two options either to be jailed for 10 years or to stay with the mad woman as his wife… one word for him”.
Although his story is not told yet, the caption attached to his photo is clear enough to confirm the sordid act which rendered many social media users surprised and worried.

Since the photo went viral, the distraught youngman have come under barrage of attacks for the humiliating act which completely  reduced him to a status of “nobody”.
Now caught in a dilemma, the option  to either stay with the mad woman or go to jail for ten years has been his headache.
If this man were to be your friend, brother, lover, or son, what will be your advise to him?
© Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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