The burden lifted but responsibility remains

The night of Sunday, the 19th of April will forever be remembered as a day Ghanaians ‘breakout’ from what I will term a ‘nationally imposed prison sentence’ by the President of the Republic. This means 1am on Monday, the much resented partial lockdown is lifted.
As a citizen of this great country, I know in my deepest of heart that my fellow citizens will be giddy with Joy. Yes, it is our right to do so.
Nevertheless, Ghanaians should be mindful of one thing:
The fact that the partial lockdown has been lifted does not mean the disease called Corona Virus has vanished from the system. It doesn’t mean we should let lose our guard concerning social distancing, handwashing with soap, the use of Hand sanitizers, sneezing into tissue papers and disposing off immediately among a few other preventive practices.
As Ghanaians, we should not be in a hurry to gather massively now as the infection rate is still high though we have recorded tremendous recoveries. Though we might record today stories of those scapegoated for flouting any law on restricted movement, I on the other hand will appeal to Ghanaians not to abuse the just lifted ban. Doing so has the potential of re-infection which can increase the number of casualties.
This can cause us to loose our freedom once again in another lockdown which could be worse than the previous.
I call on all and sundry to behave with maturity during this post lockdown. One will ask: ‘ What do I Mean by behaving with maturity’. I do not mean to insult my fellow citizens, not at all!
The point I am driving at is simply this; we shouldn’t return to the old habit of indiscriminate dumping of refuse, now that we will come out and realise that principal streets have been swept clean. We should also resolve as a people to be law-abiding.
We should allow the post lockdown to teach us some life’s great nuggets: the need to care for and help one another, putting country’s interest at heart by not wasting water now given freely as part of the economic stimulus package and ecshew the politics of vindictiveness and equalization.
Moreover, I will also commend our various security apparatus and all Ghanaians who contributed their part to see to it that, the directives issued from the Flagstaff House was obeyed and essentials needed for the less privileged during the time of their ‘distress’ was supplied.
Though there were loopholes in easing the plight and some few skirmishes between civilians and our men/ women in uniform recorded, there couldn’t have being peace and quiet, had they not been involved.
Once more, I will urge all to be still responsible because it is only the ‘burden’ that has been lifted.
God bless our Homeland Ghana 🇬🇭 and make it great and strong! I rest my case.
©Christiana Afua Nyarko

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