Ten ways to know who your boyfriend really is

Getting to know someone can be easy at first. But what happens when you get past all the obvious, generic questions like, “What’s your favorite movie?” or “How many siblings do you have?” Getting to really know someone takes a bit more cunning and knowledge of how to see through the smoke screen he puts up.
There are good questions to ask a guy to really loosen him up and get him out of autopilot answers.
So, try these 10 good questions to ask a guy if you really want to get to know him.
#1 What’s your ex like? Most guys who tell you their ex is crazy or a b*tch, are the ones to be cautious of. Generally, if he has nothing but bad things to say about her, it’s because he’s either not over her, or he’s the one that turned her crazy.
#2 What’s your relationship like with your family? The way a guy relates to his parents is a good indication of what kind of a person he is. They’re the ones who taught him his first impressions of what relationships were all about. In most cases, they taught him how to treat women.
#3 What’s your political stance? Politics either bring about a fruitful, interesting discussion, or spiral into a long-winded rant. Depending on how compatible you are politics-wise, you’ll get one or the other.
#4 Do you believe in monogamy? This is a tricky one. Depending on what you’re after, you either get the perfect response or hear something you wish you hadn’t. In most cases, if you’re looking for a relationship, hearing that the dude’s just not down with monogamy can be an instant spark killer.
#5 What’s your biggest accomplishment? Hearing someone’s biggest accomplishment puts into perspective what their priorities actually are. Some guys boast about how much money they make, their career achievement, or the best food they ever had. It’s up to you to determine what is and isn’t shallow.
#6 How would you describe yourself in one word? This is one of those perfectly good questions to ask a guy because it reveals so much about him, and it’s coming from his own mouth. When women describe themselves, their habit is to be self-deprecating. When men describe themselves, they tell you EXACTLY who they are. If a man tells you he’s lazy, generous, stingy, selfish, or talented, believe him.
#7 What job would you have if money was not an issue? A lot of people put their passion to the side in order to get a “normal” job, so seeing where his passion lies when money has no bearing on his life gives you an interesting insight to him.
#8 How many hearts have you broken? Every man breaks at least one heart. So, if he says none then he’s either lying because the number is much higher than he wants you to know, or he’s incredibly naive. Or emotionally disconnected. Or both.
#9 What’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you? Finding out what a man values above all else is an important step in finding out more about him. There’s so much to learn from his answer.
#10 How many times have you been in love? Always be incredibly cautious of men who have made it pretty far into their lives and never been in love. Men who don’t know how to love someone else can’t be changed by you, they need to be able to change themselves.
Once you’ve asked him these questions, he’ll never be able to hide his true self from you again.
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