In an age where information has become the currency by which we live, the need to stay informed has become non-negotiable.

It is for this reason that in 2015, we at Success Book Club came together to form an organization that will help us to at all times remain up to date with happenings around the globe. We believe that “with books we would conquer the world”.  A little over a year down the line, we still share in that vision.

The formation of Success Book Club on 1st July, 2015.

All praise and thanks to God for guidance till this stage. Still an infant organization though, we are proud of what we have been able to achieve within our short existence, despite all the challenges and difficulties that characterize the start of any worthy cause.  Success Book Club was officially launched and also fully registered under the laws of the land as a legal entity. A branch of the organization also was formed in Al-Banat Basic School in Maamobi, Accra. All these happened in the year 2016.

The journey hasn’t been easy but with our resolve and determination to liberate ourselves and so many others from the shackles of illiteracy and ignominy of ignorance, we have always found a reason to keep going unabatedly.

The timing for the formation of our club couldn’t have come off at any better time than now. In a time when the manner in which we receive and send information has changed, days when the way we trade has revolutionized, etc., people cannot afford not to equip themselves with all the relevant skills and tools that would enable them to continue to remain relevant.

The day Success Book Club got launched

The world has never seen what it has become today. However with books, the whole picture of what it is presently and what could become of it in the future is painted before us and printed clearly on our minds.

Betty Smith couldn’t have been more right when she said in her book titled A Tree Grows in Brooklyn that “The world is hers for reading.”

The world indeed opens itself up for anyone who makes reading and for that matter seeking of information as a part of their lives. Such people are able to delve into the minds of the great and travel great distances to foreign lands to learn new things about themselves and the universe in which they live in. The only way our curiosity about this cosmos is fed, is through information that we receive from other places through various mediums of information.


Success Book Club has come to stay. We realize how important it is to be in service in days like these ones. We see the need to rise to the occasion and serve. It is our strong belief that in a few years to come, the story would be told of how we helped to develop our people through reading.

We have read seven books so far aside the numerous articles, poems, speeches and sermons that we share and read on daily basis. The first book we read was Think Big: Unleashing your potential for excellenceA book that emphasizes the fact that “no man is without worth, the vilest amongst us could rise to a position of honor and status.” We then read Goals by Brain Tracy, Who will cry when you die?by Robin Sharma and Western Civilization Through Muslim Eyes by SayidMujtabaLari.

The book we are very proud to have read is Ghana: The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah. A book every Ghanaian alive must read.

Another book we read was Civilization of Virtues by Osman Nuri Topbas. In the world where leaders are much needed yet not readily found, we thought it wise to read something on leadership. Hence the last book we read was 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell.


Success Book Club is a community-based, youth-centered organization that seeks to empower the youth to take on the world and make monumental impact with their lives.     What we do basically is to read at least a book a month, meet and discuss it. In discussing it, we gain ideas from men who shook the world, gain inspiration from men whose thoughts shaped the world and fill our souls with a torrent of ideas that will help unleash the universe contained in us. We also sharpen our humanistic instincts which will ensure harmonious living in the world at large. After all, “a person is a person because he treats others as persons.”

On behalf of the membership of Success Book Club in its entirety, we say thank you for contributing to a successful 2016. We wish you a happy and prosperous 2017.


Abdul Rahim Kotey Djanie and Inusah Mohammed.

NB: The writers are members of Success Book Club.

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