Sheikh Salis Shaban Pays Courtesy Call on Nima Traditional Leadership

The Faidhatu-Tijaniyya Ibrahimiyya Spiritual Cleric-(Ghana, Togo and Benin), His Spiritual Eminence Sheikh Mohammed Salis Shaban, in his position as the astute Chief Imam of Nima paid a courtesy call on the Overlord of Nima, Nii Bala Futa and His Highness Sarki Imoro Baba Issah, the Chairman of Ayawaso Council of Zongo Chief at their various residences on the eve of May 28, 2020. The meeting was meant for exchanging of Eid Greetings (barka da sallah), to strengthen the relationship between the traditional and clerical leadership of the community, and to pray for another successful year full of progress and prosperity.
His Highness Nii Futa received the Imam and his entourage warmly in his palace between the hours of 4:30pm – 5:30pm on that faithful Thursday and the two discussed developmental projects for the progress of Nima.
The Chairman of The Faidhatu-Tijaniyaa Ibrahimiyya Council of Ghana, Togo and Benin, Sheikh AbdulRahman Alfa-Jei Shaban introcuded the development projects and agenda under the auspices of the Sheikh Salis Shaban such as the Shabaniyya College. He further outlined to The Chief of Nima proposals that will strengthen the peace, development and progress of Nima ” as part of our efforts to ensure that Sheikh as chief Imam of Nima leaves a good legacy we propose annual community consultative conference that will seek to bring together all opinion leaders and the youth in an open forum for discussion of the progress of the community”. In a response to the proposal, Nii Futa expressed excitement and lauded the idea and suggested a meeting be Organised immediately to discuss the details of the proposal.
At the Residence His Royal Highness Sarki Imoro Baba, The Chief who doubles as the Public Relations Officer of National Council of Zongo Chiefs lauded the visit and exalted the contribution of Sheikh to Ghana especially his significant role as the intermediary between Sheikh Ibrahim Niass and Dr Kwame Nkrumah in relation to spiritual contributions to Ghana. ” What is amazing about Sheikh Salis Shaban is in spite of his stature as an spiritual Icon for this country, he his extremely humble and selfless. It’s my view that, this Country has is yet to celebrate him and place him at the right pedestal commensurate to his contribution. ”’
At both places Sheikh Mohammed Salis Shaban, extended his solidarity, and prayers to the Chiefs and congratulated them for their good works. He further prayed for the community, country, and the world at large. He further prayed for the nation against the global Covid-19 pandemic once more and hammered on the need to observe safety precautions laid by the Government of Ghana, and all other stakeholders like the World Health Organization (WHO).

Imam Amin Daaru, who is the Imam of Tijanniya of Europe who was also amongst the entourage of Sheikh, stated ” This is a step the Imam of Nima and the Faidhatu-Tijaniyya Ibrahimiyya Spiritual Cleric-Ghana, Togo & Benin,  Sheikh Mohammed Salis Shaban is taking to unite all opinion leaders and to mobilize them for progress and development in the community. This meeting is very important for Sheikh and that’s why not even the heavy downpour could stop it”’
©Mohammed Mahmoun Ali,
Public Relation Officer
May 30, 2020.

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