Seven awful reasons people give for not wearing their wedding rings

There are men who don’t wear wedding rings. Even some women. Some of them have never had a ring and some just choose not to encircle the fourth finger on their left hand with a hunk of precious or semi-precious metal.
I’m sure you know a few of them and their reasoning may even make sense. But a lot of the rationale doesn’t really hold up in the light of day.
Here are the top seven excuses for not wearing a wedding ring after getting married, all of which are pretty awful:
1. People won’t hit on you if you wear one.
Some women (and like 5 men) said to experts when asked why they don’t wear their rings that, it feels like they’ve gone into stealth mode when donning wedding bands. Nobody hits on them.
2. You hate wearing jewellery.
This mostly afflicts the dudes. There’s something very foreign about wearing jewellery when you’re used to riding naked-handed and some guys can’t help but fiddle.
3. Your fingers don’t fit.
Some claim that the rings got smaller and couldn’t fit because they gained extra weight.
4. It’s just not your thing.
Some men and women just don’t like jewellery. They’ve never worn it, so why start now?

5. Your spouse doesn’t wear theirs, so why wear yours?
For others, their spouses stopped wearing theirs so they also had no choice but to stop wearing theirs too.
6. You can’t perform your job with it on.
There are some jobs that make wearing a wedding band irresponsible, dangerous, and reckless. Due to jobs like that a number of people tend to not wear their rings because they have to remove it when they get to work.
7. You have another woman/man on the side.
Infidelity is another reason some people leave their rings in their cars, pockets or bags.
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