Profile of Prof. Tausi Suedi, Panelist/Speaker of PLO Africa Mentorship Virtual Conference

Prof. Tausi Suedi is the Cofounder, CEO, Senior Technical Advisor, Childbirth Survival International(CSI), a grassroots nonprofit organization working on global Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, Adolescent, and Community Health (RMNCACH).
CSI works with local and international partners to advocate, strengthen and improve the quality, access and delivery of respectful health services and information for women of reproductive age, newborns, children, adolescents and youth in marginalized communities in African country’s such as Uganda, Rwanda, Somalia, Nigeria and Tanzania.
She is a global health activist working as an Infant Health and Safety Program Specialist, Texas Department of State Health Services.
Prof. Taudi is an Adjunct Professor of Global Health, Towson University, Maryland and holds Master of Public  Health (MPH), Global Health Policy, George Washington University as well as BSC. in Environmental Health, Towson University.
“I believe that every girl has the potential to succeed and achieve their big dreams regardless of where they live, Sometimes you kind of need to hear someone else talk about you to realize that your journey and your story is worth sharing. The tears, the hard work, the late nights, people just see you the top, they don’t know what it took for you to get to the point that you’re at.”
“Adolescents and the youth – especially the girl child should have  access to equal opportunity in education, sports and leadership, and live to their full potential, educated, informed and economically empowered in order to give back to their families and communities, and contribute to the growth and development of their countries.”
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