PPF DEBATE FORUM (topic: Ghana’s Hilal Committee And Moon Sighting Practices In The Context Of The Shariah)

TopicGhana’s Hilal Committee And Moon Sighting Practices In The Context Of The Shariah.

Guest Speaker: Sheikh M. Gedel: Chairman of Hilal Committee of Ghana

Panel of Researchers: Selected Muslim intellectuals from various group.

( If you are interested in becoming a panelist to ask question, please Contact the programme cordinator for consideration on 0268253275/or send as email on ppfproject@gmail.com)

Date : Saturday, 4TH June,2016
Time 4pm to 6pm

Venue: The Residence of Sheikh Gedel

The format of the programme. (ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION)

(The structure or format depends on the topic and the objective of the programme) 1) Presentation by the guest speaker; 30 minutes
2) Remarks by the moderator and reading of strict rules of engagement/Questioning for panelist…10
3) Cross examination of the presentation by the panelist: 1:30 minutes
4) Concluding presentation…15 minutes

NB: instant electronic surveys will be taken before and after the discussions and the results analyzed for the purpose of providing recommendations..


The Platform will provide some carefully selected fair minded young Muslim intellectuals from various groups  with the opportunity to dialogue with the chairman of the Hilal Committee of Ghana in a more intellectual  and dispassionate nature with the ultimate objective of promoting understanding in the spirit of Islamic brotherhood. We seek to assist the general Muslim public to understand issues better considering the unending debates and arguments that generally characterizes the beginning and end of fasting annually……


The PPF Debate Forum (PDF) is the Ghanaian similitude of the Doha Debate in Qatar, the Pew Research Forum in USA and The Dispatches Debate in UK. The idea was piloted successfully by the PPF research Team with a 10 days Muslim youth forum where PPF reaserch team members engaged resource persons in a roundtable discussions. The results of that approach proofed highly beneficial and transforming. The PPF Debate Forum Seeks to comtinously create an intellectual platform for a cross sectional representation of Muslim in Ghana to discuss dispassionately critical issue ranging from sociopolitical and sectarian differences affecting Muslims.

The vision of PPF is to be an Islamic Civic Organisation and the Leading Research think tank institution in Ghana contribution effectively to peace, tolerance, religious co-existence and national development through research

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