Photo of a man with amazingly ‘super head’ causes a stir on social media

Many eyes have seen it but are yet to believe.
To those who are convinced that God’s creature exits on earth with such a weird shape of head have been left totally flabbergasted and worried too. That is human nature; doubting Thomases everywhere.
A man whose photo has been making rounds on social media platforms has been the one in the centre of a huge controversy that rendered onlookers astounded and divided.
The photograph in question has really created a scene that is of comic relief and over-sensational.
The problem per se is not about his facial appearance but borders specifically on the ‘caricature’ shape of his head coupled with his jaw-jutting chin which has become the point of attraction at all cost.
It appears no amount of words could best describe the shape of his ‘Hill-Valley-Hill Head’ which looks very sparkling without hairs on it.
But some social media users who caught sight of the photograph have been reacting with varying degrees of derogatory comments which evoke so much laughter.
To be frank, not every laughter (s) are good for our health condition as some may provoke an uncontrollable drop of shit from the anus, if care is not taken. A typical example is of this kind.
Some WhatsApp users who made mockery of the man’s head, described it as “Mount Afadjato” while others referred to it as “pawpaw head”. Some simply ended up calling him, “Mr Super Mugu Yaro” which many applauded.
Nobody knows which tribe, district, origin, country or Region or simply part of the world the man belongs or hails from but the suspicion drawn by majority of the people pointed to Kenya or Uganda. Quite interesting indeed!
This mystery might be difficult to unravel.
Somebody might ask, what actually is their business trying to figure out the destination of someone they don’t seemed to know from Adam whose photo only they happened to have chanced upon on social media.
So If it were to be you, what would you have done or say and which country would you proffer this man comes from?
©Joseph Kobla Wemakor

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