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  1. Yandam Labaar konlanboung

    The site is encouraging yet there are somethings that needs to be done to beef up the content, I don’t know what it is yet….!!!!! All the headlines are in order, another thing that have to be added is “Health Tips(sanitation issue, natural medicine)..!!..!!! A brief history of all the Ayawaso have to be given to the public. I for instance, i only knew of north and east Ayawaso but the rest none….!!! The health tips, I believe more attention has to be on natural medicine because 99% of our ailment can be cured around us…!!! Nature has cure for everything not to say orthodox or conventional treatment are bad..!! I do go to hospital once in a awhile, our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters most of them are falling sick too much, I want us to use this medium or this trend to let them know that the cure is around us and let’s listen to our body..!!! Anytime one is sick he/she begins to obey the body by following the nature by getting fruits to the body, that is natural meds…!!! Our Ayawaso has been crowned as the home of spices…!!! I will not go further on health tips it will helps us if we add it as part of our weekly stories

    • Thanks Yandam, more light will be thrown in regards of Ayawaso, there will be lots of education on the spectrum of Ayawaso. Secondly about Health Tips we will make it a priority to educate our community and the country at large on how to live a healthy life.

  2. Hamza Guni Abdul Rahman

    Am very much impressed with ur site(nima24).keep it up.

    • Thanks Hamza, insha Allah we will keep it up to date for our visitors, we appreciate comments/observations like this from you our site visitors. On where and what to create room for improvement. Thank you.

  3. Salam Aleikum Mr Bala in fact i love the site, may Alah bless u advance

    • Wa Aleikum Salam,Thanks brother Mohammed. Ameen May Almighty Allah Bless us All. The public general comments and observations are always needed to improve our site, Regards.

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