Nima Market Traders Association honors lift on market ban and promises to abide by precaution measures

The Nima Market Traders Association has honored the directives of the Municipal Chief Executive the Ayawaso East to lift ban on the market and  by all pledged to abide by safety measures in order to tame the spread of the novel coronavirus.
This came shortly after the ban was lifted on the market on 28th April, 2020.
“We therefore wish to express our most grateful appreciation on your decision as regards to the market activities which serve as livelihood economic activity to the people of the market”
“We also recommend your decision in providing the neccessary  security measures to maintain and protect property and human safety”
The association is spearheaded by Abdul Salam, chairman, and madam Charlotte, Queen mother of Nima Market.
The Ayawaso East MCE, directed the market to be locked after some traders defied the safety measures.

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