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A letter from the proud Zongo boy to President Elect, Nana Addo

Zakiyu Iddrisu Tindannayil - Nima-24

Dear Sir,

First of all, I will say, congratulations on your election to head the nation for the next four (4) years, and we can only wish you nothing but the best.

Sir, we also say thank you for ‘having the Zongo at heart’ and decided to set up a fund for the Development of the Zongo communities in Ghana, but before you take the “Thank you” with a smiley heart, I would want to ask questions pertaining to the “Fund.” Sir, with all due respect, were there a strategy on how the fund is going to be spent? On what specifically? Why haven’t we seen any document on the projects the fund will be spent on? Who are those to be in charge of the fund?

Sir, I believe you wouldn’t say it’s early days yet to be asking these questions, because, you stated that the “Zongo Fund” will be captured in your first budget, which means the “Zongo Fund” is ‘a yet to be born baby you cherish so much’.

Now this is a personal opinion based on my experience and my observations as a Zongo boy. Sir, what I believe Zongo need is not street lights, not asphalted roads, it’s not nice buildings, but, capacity building, scholarships to pursue higher education, libraries and training hubs. All these will aim at equipping the brain, because if the brain is well equipped, we will be able to put in place the infrastructure needed through various innovations and skills. There should be a quota for admission into Senior High Schools for the Zongo communities base on a certain pass mark set for the Zongos, meaning even if the person could not make the national pass mark, the person can still be admitted considering the fact that he/she is from Zongo. This because only a few out of the many from the Zongos make it into the Senior High schools because of poor performance which the blame cannot solely be put on the child, the school or the parents, but the environment.

Sir, forgive me if my grammar seems different from the Queen’s grammar, I had to do it the ‘takaashi’ way to get my letter across to you.

let’s develop the Zongos through the brains of the settlers and not through the stomach of a few.

Yours Sincerely,

Zakiyu Iddris Tindannayil
(The Proud Zongo Boy)

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