“It’ll be an honor to carry Ronaldinho to his final home” – Benjamin Aidoo

Benjamin Aidoo, Leader of Ghana’s dancing Pallbearers “Dada Awu”, a crew of funeral performers who have long sought to make mourners grin through grief says he would be honored to drive Ronaldinho to his final home.
Benjamin Aidoo, who has earlier declared his support for Barcelona was jokingly asked which footballer he would most like to take to their grave.
He disclosed that he dreams of driving Ronaldinho home. He went on to add that Maradona and Messi are two other players he will be be honored to drive to their final home.
“I wish them a long life, of course, but if I had that chance, I dream of driving Ronaldinho to his last home!” he said.
“Then Maradona and finally Messi. Ronaldinho is a player who has always impressed me.
“It would be a tribute from the dancer that I am to the dancer that he was in the field.”
The pallbearers have taken over the internet with amazing videos of their service.

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