I saw maggots falling off from my private part after I slept with a senator for huge sum of money – lady cries for help

A female student is crying for help because she is dying slowly and believes she has been used for money Rituals.

According to this lady, she was in dying need of money for her school fees, upkeep and other expenses which her parents couldn’t afford due to her poor family background. She said the boyfriend couldn’t also help since he also has some expenses cater for so she asked for help from a friend who introduced her to one senator.
She narrated how she met the senator at a very private hotel and after everything he paid her very huge sum of money.
She returned to her boyfriend’s place and noticed that Maggot fell off from her private part.
Read full story below;
“Hi fam…I have a big problem as I am dying slowly. It happened that I was going through a hard time and I had bills to pay. I needed money for school, clothes, accommodation and other things as my parents are poor and my only boyfriend helping me was going through a very difficult time.
I had to talk to a very close friend to help me out with money, but she insisted on showing me the way she makes money. She finally introduced me to a sugar daddy who is a Senator. I had to meet up with him on a Friday night and I lied to my man so I can have my way. I didnt want to make money for me alone, I wanted to also support my man too. I lied to my boyfriend that I was going for a vigil.
I had my way and I meet up with the Senator in the hotel that was strictly private and I was not even allowed to use my phone until I left. We have a good time and he paid me heavily, he gave me five hundred thousand naira in cash and I left very early in the morning to my man’s place. I had to take a nap and later had to go and pee when I saw maggot falling off my private part.
I’m really scared…am I going to die?…should I tell my boyfriend? Or should I see a pastor?…have i been used for ritual?
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