How to create an erogenous zone

This is a process that was developed to help people with spinal injuries and paralysis that meant they could no longer feel their genitals or enjoy an active and healthy sex life.
These are the simple processes to follow:
Step 1: Think sexy thoughts
The first thing you do is learn to think such sexy thoughts that can help you reach orgasm without being touched. You may choose to even start by watching porn if your imagination is dead.
Get yourself into a position and a place where you feel safe, and warm, and nice, and then start to fantasise.
Get rid of all of the guilt and the things that society teaches you; do not let yourself feel guilty about what you’re thinking because you are going to have to fantasise about something – all the things that you think are sexy – no matter what. It could be waxing your car if that does it for you, because what you’re trying to do is think yourself to orgasm.
What is most strange is that, when you achieve it, you will feel a very different type of orgasm. Instead of it being groin up, you feel like you orgasm head down and it flows through your body. It’s a much bigger and more overarching sort of sensation. So it might take a little time to get used to that feeling, but once you’ve done that – keep going, keep doing it, and you will find yourself enjoying yourself more.
Step 2: Pinpoint your erogenous zone
Then what you need to do is pinpoint your erogenous zones, the areas of your body that you like to be touched.
Then combine the two: think sexy thoughts, bring yourself to this thought-based orgasm,” while having the part that you like touched being touched.
Once you combine the two and it creates an orgasmic point on your body, you’ve created an orgasmic zone that isn’t in your genitals.
Basically you are start with a “thought masturbation” and then connect it with a physical touch.
This process even though is used on a global scale to assist people with spinal injuries to have a fulfilling and happy sex life, all other healthy people could use this process as well.
©Yaw Tutu

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