Hon. Naser restores hope to Nima/Mamobi

Hon Nasir

A project which has been halted due to financial constraints and lack of resources to push the project, has resumed by the tireless effort of Hon.Toure Naser Mahama, the Mp for Ayawaso East constituency, and his team (nima-kawukudi-mammobi tertiary drain project) has been re-awarded to a Brazilian company, the same company working on the Nkrumah circle interchange.

tractor on kawukudi

some days back ‪the ‎#Iamformaknaza2016‬ Team, accompanied a key personnel from the construction firm to inspect the gutter and plan how to bring his machines on site from Monday 28th september 2015. The firm was to set up their work station at kawukudi and in 50 days will mould the entire drain at the work station and start to transport one by one till the total stretch of the gutter is fully covered The company had to resort some advance technology as many landlords have refused to allow demolition of their building. With no access way, the company will transport the moulded drain into the gutter.The drain which serves as boundary for the Ayawaso East and North which was solely under the then Ayawaso East MP Dr. Mustapha Ahmed for twelve years.

Hon mustapha on kawukudi

Flashback: What started as the construction of a drain to ensure the smooth flow of waste water and improve sanitation in the Mamobi- 441 community, which now poses a threat to the lives of residents in the community.

Structures built along the now uncompleted drain, which runs from Kawokudi Junction through Paloma Restaurant to the Korle Lagoon, are on the verge of collapse as erosion has gradually eaten up the walls of these houses.
Some residents have therefore willingly abandoned their structures while others have resorted to dumping refuse behind their houses as a way of fighting erosion. The first part of the Mamobi drainage, which was awarded to the State Construction Company (SCC), was completed 1999, but the second phase, which runs from the Mamobi bridge to Kawokudi junction, is still struggling to see the light of day.

The drain is now filled with human excreta, rubbish and dirty stinky stagnant water which makes it almost impossible to breathe when passing through the community.
The residents whose houses are close to the drain, stand a high risk of losing their lives and property during heavy floods because the rains over the years have eaten up the walls of the drain.

There are reported cases in which flood waters (from the drain) destroyed some houses and property while some mothers also reported that their children fell in the drain and were injured.

With the onset and predictions of heavy rains, residents now fear for their lives citing that the rains has already exhibited its wrath in what they consider as better layout communities.


However, the then Deputy Minister of Environment, Science and Technology, Dr Mustapha Ahmed, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ayawaso East Constituency, inaugurated the Nima Mamobi Urban Storm Water Management to a tune of GHC7.3 million.


The project, expected to complete within two years, is aimed at leading the mitigation and perennial flooding and enhancement of sanitation in the community.kawukudi gutter

It has, however, come to a halt due to financial constraints and lack of resources to push the project and make it a reality.

Dr Ahmed, in an interview, said the delay in the execution of the project was also a result of poor performance on the side of the contractor.

“The contractor has not performed up to the expectation of government hence two warning letter have been sent to him on the way he is handling the project,” he explained.

Also, the contractor is faced with the challenge of resources such as the premix concrete which are scarce in supply.

He, however, said plans are far advanced to make an arrangement from a company in Australia to procure a regular supply of the premix concrete.

An effort to reach the Chief Executive Officer of Caspian Energy Ghana Ltd, Mr Humphrey Quaye, who is the contractor of the project, has, however, proved futile.

Chatting with some of the residents of the community they expressed hope that lost back due to uncertainity of the completion of the drain. But was worried over what they describe as petty politcs with Dr. Mustapha failure to complete the drains and when the colleague MP foght to complete the drains Dr. Mustapha appear as he is championing the abandoned project.

As part of the construction of the drains, the youth of the twince constituncy will get the opportunity to learn a trade while working as labour for the project which will boost their job hunting opportunity the completion of the project.

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