Homicide: Man, 37, murders father over boiled yam

An Ebonyi State Magistrates’ Court sitting in Abakaliki, on Thursday, remanded in a restorative focus a 37-year-elderly person, Chibueze Iduma, for purportedly killing his dad with his strolling stick.
It was found out that the suspect and his dad, Mr Emmanuel Iduma, had a fight over a bit of cooked yam when the occurrence happened.
The charged was said to have cooked a bit of yam and left it in the house to see a companion in the region, just to return and found that his dad had eaten it.
“While they squabbled about the cooked yam, the dad hit the child with his strolling stick and in reprisal, the child hit him back and the dad tumbled down and kicked the bucket,” the police said.
It was additionally assembled that the blamed submitted the offense in the Amaefia Ngbo people group in the Ohaukwu Local Government Area of the state on December 20, 2019, however was summoned on one tally of homicide on Thursday.

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