Hilal Committee sets 2016 Fasting Date

Muslims in Ghana and other Countries are expected to start this year’s fasting on Monday, the 6th of June 2016 if the moon is sighted, the National Hilal Committee has announced.Ramadan Time to Recharge (400x126)

The first day of sighting the moon starts on Sunday 5th June that’s when Shaban will be 29 days. This was contained in a communiqué issued at the end of a two-day 22nd annual National Ramadan Conference held in Tamale.

Delegates at the conference appointed a sub-committee chaired by Sheik Illyas Umar from Tamale who deliberated on the agreed date for the sighting of the moon for this year’s Ramadan.

The communiqué said, if the moon is not seen, Monday 6th June becomes the 30th day of Shaban. Tuesday the 7th of June, the communiqué noted, will automatically become the beginning of the 2016 fasting.

May Allah extend our lives there.


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