Ghanaians condemn govt for donating vehicle to free SHS ambassador Rahim Banda

Rahim Banda, Ghanaian actor and Free SHS Ambassador, was presented with a new pick-up vehicle by the Ministry of Education on June 16, 2020.

The vehicle, which was presented to Rahim, was donated by the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund).
The vehicle was donated to Rahim to aid him in carrying out his ambassadorial role.
Rahim, since assuming his role as the ambassador of the Free SHS project in 2018, has been donating teaching and learning materials to some deprived schools in the country through his ‘Back To School’ project.
But a lot of Ghanaians on social media are not happy about the donation.
Ghanaians who are against this move by the Ministry of Education are of the view that presenting a vehicle to the Free SHS ambassador is a misplaced priority.
According to them, there are a lot of teachers in deprived communities in the country who need support but the Ministry of Education does nothing about it. They also argued that there is no need for presenting a vehicle to the Free SHS ambassador. They, however, entreated the government to focus on improving the quality of education in rural areas.
However, not every Ghanaian is against the presentation of the vehicle to the Free SHS Ambassador. Those in favour of the move think there’s nothing wrong with donating a vehicle to an ambassador who is doing well to help students in deprived communities with educational materials.
According to them, the vehicle is going to help him to easily transport the materials that he donates to the schools he visits.

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