GHANA EYE , has called for the immediate renewal of all land leases under the jurisdiction of the Ga State.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Galadima  showed documentary evidences dating back to 1905 which indicate the time the government acquired most lands in the capital city. “We are Gas and we deserve the benefits of our land” he said.

According to him , the GA  lands are not endowed with natural resources such as gold, oil or diamond. “What we have is our land and therefore we should retain and benefit from the royalties of our gifted land” he added.

He called  for the rectification of all land documents under the jurisdiction of the Ga Mantse. He said a similar process is underway in the Ashanti Region under the command of the Asantehene.

“The continuous denial of our rights to benefit from our gifted lands breeds poverty in Ga areas and low level of education, diseases, and teenage pregnancy, which perpetuate the cycle of poverty” said he.

“Who is the owner of the Ga lands? Is it the Lands Commission or the Accra Metropolitan Assembly? Or just who?” he fumed.

The chiefs and people of the Ga State deserve respect from government institutions. And he called for a united front among the Gas in pursuit of their natural inheritance.

According to him the agreements covering most lands upon which public and private buildings are cited upon in the capital city have expired.

“We are ready to pursue this at both the local and the international court of justice if our demand for renewal of all land agreements are not met” he warned and he also warned encroachers and developers who used foul means to get lands to be careful since such lands will eventually be returned to their rightful owners.

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