Ever thought of why there are haunted houses and restless souls amongst the leaving?
I just got you thinking did I?
Well I’m sure you are aware people have death wishes, Even the living have their own wishes which am tempted to call the LIVINGS WISHES.
Imagine you are a wealthy and a noble person in your family and you suddenly fell sick , knowing your end was near you decide to write your WILL naming your HOUSE HELP who was so kind to you in times of need the sole owner of all your estates.
You then go into a 2 year Coma and upon waking up you found out your estates where rather shared amongst your family members who desserted you in times when you need them most what would be your reaction?.
Long ago in a village called Yeji a small town in the Bono region in Ghana lived Queen Osam a noble Queen and a mother popularly known to be the EMPRESS OF TOMMOROW by her subjects. Her husband blessed her with a beautiful daughter which she named KETUA, before his sudden demise Growing up as a princess KETUA had desires to travel the world to see what lies beyond but also beared in mind she was the Empress’ only family and source of joy.
20 years later KETUA’s urge to travel grew more and more intense each passing day so she flee her royalty to be an ordinary girl in the cities to explore the world.
Upon her departure the EMPRESS never felt complete without her daughter and so lived in sorrow, staring at her entrance each morning and evening with the hope of seeing her daughter return home once again. Not long after KETUA’s departure the EMPRESS fell ill and so wrote her WILL and added her death wish naming her daughter the sole inheritor of all her properties including her queenship , and most importantly added that no one should take charge of her burial without the presence of her beloved daughter and that she should be solely In charge of performing her burial rights.
Shortly after drafting her WILL the empress of tommorow failed to see tommorow and kicked the bucket.
To the people of YEJI a big tree had fallen, where would bird build their best and _where will_ birds sleep.
The head of her clan(Ebusuapanin) and other elders who didn’t have the patience of waiting for the return of her daughter took the executive decision and buried the Queen without KETUA’s presence, sharing her estates in addition.
Few days later a new king was enstooled to rule Yeji and the village saw their worst nightmare come to reality.
One-day a family member who could not pay her last respect to her Queen decided to visit her grave yard a week after and upon reaching the entrance of the cemetery she saw a lady drank in sorrow seated by the roadside singing sorrowfully and the lyrics of her song depicts she has a daughter she’s dying to see once more.
On getting closer the family member realized it was her Queen, fear gripped her and she took to her hills running straight to the palace to narrate what she saw , she was traumatised to the extent she fainted and also passed on few days later.
After her burial another family member who was on her way back home one evening also explained seeing the Same lady seated by the roadside singing sorrowfully and with same lyrics that depicted she has a daughter she is missing, days after her experience she also kicked the bucket.
Fear gripped the whole village and an emergency meeting was organized by the head of the family (Ebusuapanin) and people suggested the singing lady could be the demised Queen mother demanding her wishes to be carried out but the Ebusuapanin explain saying each person’s death was meant to be and that their times were due to die, knowing perfectly that was a lie.
Mean while he himself had made arrangements to leave Yeji to avoid similar faith.
He set off that Dawn to escape any unfortunate event but unfortunately for him he encounters the same woman singing sorrowfully and this time round she made things clear she needs her daughter..!!
Ebusuapanin went into Coma right after and the family thought it was time for them to take that final decision. so they engaged the services of a Vudu priest(Okomfuor) who explained all the happenings was as a result of an unfulfilled DEATH WISH by a family member and that she wants things to be done exactly the way she wished for. It is only then will they find peace in their village else the worst could happen.
So a search party was deployed in search of KETUA , some headed to Kasoa others to Swedru ,Accra, Bolga and other parts of the country (all in GHANA) and they searched every nook and cranny till KETUA was finally found.
She came back home and performed her mum’s funeral rights once again just like she had requested, and every single inheritance was transferred back to her, naming her as the new Queen of YEJI.
After which the village leaved in peace ever after.
So to people who normally stand against others death wishes and WILLS refusing to honour their wishes, know that both you the living and the deceased individual never finds peace until those wishes are fulfilled . Let us all respect people’s wishes and administer their WILL accordingly.
Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.

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