Five ways to regain someone's love

1. Understand What Went Wrong
You will be not be seeking someone’s love again if you have never broken-up with that individual. Something went wrong, and you had to walk away, taking different paths. Since there was a discord in your relationship, you need to first invest time in understanding what went wrong.
2. Show That You Care
Do things that will make the other person feel and eventually realize that you genuinely care for him/her. Does she not have a winter jacket? Lend her yours. Does he need some help in baking? Help him out. Caring for someone is perhaps the best way of indicating that you love that individual. [Read: 9 signs your husband is no longer in love with you] 3. Express Your Interest To Rekindle Your Love
If you don’t see any signs of your EX talking about working on a relationship again, then you take the initiative. It may seem a bit awkward, but you have done everything by this point to delicately share across the end that you love him/her.
4. Figure Out Why You Want That Person Again
You need to be clear why you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you again. You need to have a list of coherent reasons that should be convincing enough for you to initiate things once again. It is also an excellent time to re-analyze why you fell for that person in the first place, and why did he/she loves you.
5. Accept Your Mistakes And Show You Have Changed
Improve yourself and promise you will be a better person. You have to give your best.

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