Farmer reaps strange 'baby' yam tuber and social media is restless

A farmer at an undisclosed spot in Nigeria reaped this huge yam tuber from his farmland and chose to transfer it via Social media because of its abnormality.

Abnormal ‘baby’ yam
This yam tuber has started discussions online since it surfaced.  For many it seems like a symbol while others trust it has the picture of an infant in tears.
The tuber has caused it’s planter a misfortune as purchasers have been suspiciously keeping away from it. As indicated by bits of gossip, even the farmer is careful about expending it with his family. Some web based life clients attempting to be interesting have exhorted him to take it to the exhibition hall.
This isn’t the first run through strange tubers are found in Nigeria however this specific one is one of a kind. A straightforward pursuit on Google will uncover a great deal.

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