Coronavirus: It would've been obvious if Ghana has reached its peak – KCCR Virologist

A Virologist with the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR), Dr. Augustina Angelina Sylverken, has advised Ghanaians to move away from suggestions that Ghana has reached its peak as far as confirmed coronavirus cases is concerned. Focus rather she says, should be on advocating precautionary measures that will help curb the spread of coronavirus in the country.

She said, it would have been obvious if Ghana had reached its peak as health systems and other health facilities will be overwhelmed during the peak stages of the virus.
Citing examples with Italy, China and US she said it is obvious Ghana hasn’t reached its peak; the peak, according to her, will mean that we are getting fewer cases contrary to the current situation in Ghana.
Speaking on PM Express, Monday, she said “…Indeed now we know we haven’t yet peaked, if you look at countries like Italy, China US, and the likes, once you peak you will really know that know you have peaked so your health systems will definitely be overwhelmed and people will be rushing all over. They will require ICU management and we know that even when people have been put on ventilators.”
“I think we may want to gradually move from this peaking notion and rather be stressing on the healthy precautionary or preventive measures we have always been recommended i.e. the washing of hands and change in attitudes; and I call this attitude individual gestures.” She said.
Her comments come on the back of claims by the Director of Public Health for GHS, Dr Badu Sakordie, that the infection curve, at the time when the case count stood at 2,719, had peaked.
Director of Public Health at the GHS, Dr Ebenezer Badu Sarkodie, said Tuesday, that the rate of infection is yet to decline, but this will only happen if the preventive protocols for the virus are adhered to.
“We are not off the hook yet; but then if we continue the way we are doing now – adhering to the various social distancing and adhering to the various individual preventive measures – these will let us come down from where we are,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ghana has recorded 427 new Coronavirus cases, increasing the country’s coronavirus case count to 5,127.
This was announced by the Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Patrick Aboagye at a media briefing on Tuesday 12th May 2020.
The Greater Accra region has recorded 89 new cases whilst the Ashanti region has 307 new cases. The Central region has also recorded 27 new cases with the Western and Volta regions recording 3 and 1 new cases respectively.

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