Compensate us now or stop market construction – Dodowa landowners fume

The Dodowa Landowners Association has called on the Dodowa District Assembly to compensate them or stop construction works on the new Dodowa Market.

According to the association, the Assembly has refused to compensate them.
In a statement issued by the group on Thursday, 14 May 2020, the landowners said: “In 1993, the Dodowa District Assembly, led by Hon. Seth Kpabitey, approached the chief of Apperkon and proposed a stretch of land for the Dodowa market without any agreement. The said land is not a stool land but individual lands, so, the chief had to inform the landowners since they also wanted development, they agreed and released the land for the market.”
“The land was not a virgin land, it had been developed with block factory, palm plantation, mango trees, vegetable farms” among others and when the term of office of “the DCE ended and Hon. E.T Mensah took over, the chief and the landowners did their best seeking compensation and agreement but nothing good came out.”
The property owners said when a new DCE, Daniel Akuffo, resumed office in 2017, “the landowners approached him and he told us that he is chasing our money and would invite us when he finishes but up to now, we haven’t heard from him”, adding that nothing has been done about the situation.
The association added: “We need our money or he [the DCE] should stop the construction of the new market.”

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