China to build Africa Center for disease control HQ to fight coronavirus

China has revealed its plans to upgrade its medical and health aid programs for Africa and help the continent complete projects in the health sector such as the Headquarters of the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Africa’s collaboration with China to curb further spread of the coronavirus over the past months has become necessary because the continent is now seeing a surge of the virus.
This according to Dr Foued Larby, this collaboration has resulted in The Africa Center for Diseases Control (CDC) working with member states to build infection prevention and control capacities in healthcare facilities to support screening of travelers.
The Associate Professor of the Zhejiang Normal University in China also opined that these preventive measures may help control the COVID-19, but added that African leaders still need to pay attention to the protocols to avoid repeating the Italian or Iranian scenarios.
“Many diseases and viruses have appeared on the African continent, such as HIV, Ebola and Tuberculosis. This threat has made African governments increased expenditure in the health sectors and further deepened cooperation for health development with the Chinese government forefront”. He noted.
China has since promised to scale up its assistance to Africa by creating a health care initiative that allow African countries to access funds to address challenges in the healthcare delivery.
The Chinese plan, according to Dr Foued Larby, also contains a long-term strategy of health development, exchange of scientists and new research methods as well as technical support for strengthening health-related programs under the International Health Regulations.
He further stated that the epidemic situation of the COVID19 in Africa needs more attention and prevention, explaining that the collaboration with China will be a wise action considering the Chinese experience of management, logistics, and organization.
“Despite these efforts to help Africa, China is still fighting this epidemic in its own territory”. He emphasized.
The Chinese government has further expressed its readiness to help other affected countries.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry recently expressed its readiness to improve and strengthen mechanisms for responding to health and epidemic emergencies and promote the exchange of epidemiological information, exchange of experiences, prevention and control and to implement cooperation in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, research programs, and the development of medicines and vaccines.
Dr Larby further said it is time for solidarity and support and to have hope, adding, “this is a matter of life and death, and China can fight against the outbreak with Africa and the rest of the world to restore faith in humanity.


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