Bring Back Our Gold Coast

Good bye Gold coast
I really owe you a toast
Walking down your seacoast
Of you I will forever boast
I have missed you old friend
Of my forefather “Lang lana”
Will I see you before the end
of your second life Ghana
She is all grown now
Her breast well stocked in her dress
Her beautiful Shea buttered skin
Win the hearts of kings
The small pots in her back
Compliment her mighty hips
Like watermelons in a sack
Which every man worships
Now she has a broken moment at hand
Memories you left are getting lost
Her dreams flooded under the sand
Just water remains in her eyelids
She has been defiled a million times
Still going through difficult times
She is pregnant without a husband
Taunted in her own land
In the walls of my beating heart
Are memories of your beauty
I look at the stars all night
With the hope of having you in sight
To die is part of nature
To disappear will torture
You can pang me and flee
Just don’t mess with my Gold Coast
That I won’t agree
Oh mother Ghana
The fragrance of your soil was sweet
Just the way she left it
Now there is a price we have to pay
For the beast called “Galamsey”
Don’t just be a Ghanaian
You would be like a comedian
Let’s find solutions
As our new year’s resolutions
We don’t want today’s Ghana
We don’t like her persona
With her we can never boast
Just bring back our Gold Coast.
© Kataali Firdaus Tiyumli

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