Benjamin Aidoo, leader of the famous dancing Pallbearers “Dada Awu” discloses his hatred for Barcelona forward Luis Suarez

Benjamin Aidoo, leader of the viral ‘dancing pallbearers’ meme has reavled his dislike for Barcelona and Uruguay forward Luis Suarez.

Luis Suarez in 2010 helped his country Uruguay dump Ghana out of the World cup after he handled a last minute goal bound header from Dominic Adiyah in extra time. Ghana failed to convert the resulting Penalty, Uruguay went on to beat Ghana 4-2 on penalties.
Since then, Luis Suarez has patently become the most hated footballer in Africa and Ghana especially, and leader of famous dancing pallbearers doesn’t fell any different towards the Barcelona forward.
“I’m divided. I am ashamed. I feel so bad,” he said. “Whenever I see this player, even when I hear his name, Suarez, I am sad.
“Because a hand from Suarez made my Ghana team return home without being able to play in the semi-finals, which was terrible.
“We have a saying here for Suarez. The name Suarez means the impossible. If you want to achieve something or go somewhere and Suarez is there, it means that you will not succeed. If you really want something and Suarez is there, you can never reach it”, told FootMercato.
The resulting penalty on the day was taken by the country’s all time scorer Asamoah Gyan, Benjamin Aidoo revealed that Ghanaians haven’t forgiven Asamoah Gyan for the peanlty, he added that Asamoah Gyan’s penalty miss took a toll on his mum’s health as she was abused for her son’s mistake.
“No, no, they still haven’t forgiven him,” he said. “You know that Ghanaians do not forgive.
“The day he missed the penalty, some Ghanaians went to his mother’s house and harassed her. His failure had consequences on her mother’s health after that, it was really sad.
“So his mother told Asamoah to never take a penalty in his life again. This is why you will never see Asamoah again venture to take a penalty. Because he promised never to risk it again, and now that his mother is 80 years old, I think he is following his wish, never to take a penalty for Ghana again”.

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