Unlike the May Day Celebrations of the past, characterized by a route Marches and various events held to appreciate various workers worldwide (Ghana 🇬🇭 included), the year 2020 have proven to be different and since you are fully aware of where I am coming from, I am not going to beat about the bush.
Though Covid 19, also known to millions as Corona Virus still keeps millions of workers indoors, millions are at the forefront of these war-like pandemic.
Though I do acknowledge the crucial contribution of all workers worldwide, especially in Ghana, my heart goes out to some specific professionals.
Not that I want to be bias or discriminatory, Not at all! The reason why I am giving these category of persons preference is because, without them, the world with this beloved country being a part will not be habitable in the first place.
Yes! It will not because they have direct influence on our very survival and existence as Homo Sapiens (Humans). One can easily guess which people I am referring to.
They are as follows: the Farmer, the health workers, the morgue workers, the soldiers, the police, the food vendors, journalists and sanitation workers.
My utmost appreciation goes to you for keeping the world in a balance state in these ‘abnormal’ times. With a very big heart, I say to you all Ayekoooooo! Meaning Good work done. Without you still steering the wheels of your profession, where will a fragile nation like ours stand.
If you had embarked on a strike in such a time as this what will we have done? Even a million words cannot describe your crucial contribution for our dear motherland Ghana.
We invoke Odomankuma’s blessing on all of you. We grease your elbows and urge to finish hard, the race you have started because, Ghana and the rest of the world is behind you.
God bless our Homeland Ghana 🇬🇭 and make it great and strong!
From a fellow citizen with love and a heart full of gratitude.
©Christiana Afua Nyarko

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