Arrest and prosecute all persons involved in the installation of Okuapemhene – Lawyer Sosu

Aspiring member of parliament for the Madina Constituency on the tickets of the NDC has called for the arrest of persons who participated in the enstoolment of the Okuapemhene.
According to the lawyer, some members of Bishop Dr Eric Borngreat’s church were arrested for the breach of the Imposition of Restrictions Act, 2020 and what happened in Okuapem was no different.
“The police and military seen in the video must also be charged with aiding and abetment of crime”
Therefore, all rules must be applied to avoid discrimination.
“That is the only way Ghana’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic will be successful and meaningful” he added
In the view of this, it will only be fair on the part of those pastors, motorists and other individuals who have been arraigned for similar offence.
A video went viral yesterday with some traditional people installing a chief in Okuapem and it has raised concerns all over because rule of social distancing/gathering have been breached.

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