A private conversation to be held at Accra for Muslim leadership

A national gathering on Muslim authority has been planned to be held between February 7 and 9, 2020, at the Teachers’ Hall in Accra.
As per the coordinators, the gathering would ponder upon a wide scope of issues verging on the production of a structure for the authority of the confidence.
The nonappearance of such a structure has prompted heap difficulties.
The program is being held with the endorsement of the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Usman Sharubutu, who might be the extraordinary visitor of respect.
The gathering, as per coordinators, would be widely inclusive, with portrayal from the different groups of Islam, Muslim understudies’ bodies; with joint effort from different state organizations.
Different gatherings have been set up and attempting to accomplish the destinations
of the meeting, which as the coordinators might suspect, would change the initiative front of Islam in the nation when the different suggestions expected to exude from the gathering are actualized.
Recently an assignment from the coordinators drew in with the Advisory Board of the Office of the National Chief Imam with a perspective on calibrating the modalities for the meeting.
The greater part of the Islamic associations from the Muslim council in Parliament to the Association of Muslim Professionals are a piece of the meeting.

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