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If I could live differently just a day

I stood by the roadside hoping to get a lift to the most talked about wedding party of the year. I was the type that made things happen. The big girl that never was. I was nothing to write home about when “contentment” was discussed. I shied away from my identity.
Coming from a very poor and humble background, I never appreciated what my parents did for me. The life I wanted, they couldn’t afford but tried their best.
I was their only child. I wasn’t light skinned neither was I dark. I was well built in stature. I could send men gazing till they trip and fall.
Fortune smiled on me as a latest 2019 SUVb Range Rover pulled back and horned at me. As expected I acted unmoved. He parked and rolled the windows down and spoke to me. I avoided his eyes. He came down from his vehicle. “Hello” he said. We exchanged pleasantries. He asked of where I was heading to of which I told him. He was also going to the same place. “Yay! Afa!” I exclaimed in my head. As expected of a gentleman, he opened the front door for me and briskly, I hopped in. Few minutes into the ride, I felt dizzy. When I opened my eyes, the only thing I could remember was hoping into the car.

The writer
I took a look at my new surroundings. Everywhere was white. I saw a tube like thing with many little holes resting on one side of the bath. I took another turn and there was a water closet. Then I realized where I was. I tried helping myself out.
Before I made the effort to raise my body, the door opened.
Two men came in with sharp and pointed objects in their possession. My heart beat faster than Usain Bolt on the track.
I didn’t get the chance to even ask of the one who took me there. The sight of the two men made me fall back as I was half standing. With Mercy disserting their faces, one got hold of me. Pinned me so hard in the tube. The other tore my dress and took off my brazier.
He raised the sharp knife he was holding. As I struggled to free myself, the rays through the small window of the bathroom fell on the knife the other guy raised. It shone and the reflection hit my eyes. Suddenly, I became numb.
For the first time, I wished I listened, I wished I had just a day to show gratitude to my parents. I wished just for a day to show contentment, to be proud of where I came from, to do things with humility and to unfriend the so called friends I made who had nothing but vanities.
I cried as I struggled for breath. I envisaged the trauma my parents will go through after finding my dead body without my breasts. I wished I wished just for a day or an hour or a minute even a second to behave differently…
©Kandey Alhassan
NB: The above write up is a fiction. The writer put that up out of appreciation for art and creative writing.
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  1. Nasiratu Zakaria

    I pray and hope you are working on a novel. It will be great!

  2. Muhammad shuaib

    “Contentment”…solid piece

  3. This is a nice piece. I’m glad it’s fiction though

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