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Discussing "The Atom Weight Phenomenon" as a tragedy

A tragedy is a story or event that begins on a sorrowful note and end as such most of the time in the liberal arts.
A brief background to The Atom Weight Phenomenon
Salmaan is a carefree orphan who was never lucky with love and affection from the people he called his own. In the Mundaache village, any bad thing that happened carried the name of Salmaan. His friends were “lizards and birds”. The Mundaaches were bewildered when sought-after young Rahma accepted to marry Salmaan. Misfortune laid its eye on Salmaan. His beautiful wife died mysteriously. As known, the Mundaaches accused Salmaan of having a hand in the death of his wife. they were ready to pounce on him when the unexpected happen.
Read the story from here: The Atom Weight Phenomenon
The village of Mundaache as the writer described “boasts of the good conducts of its inhabitants”, therefore should any natural disaster befall them, it means someone might have done something wrong. This is a primitive way of thinking in the first place.
The sky “grumbled as a dog will” that day as it was about to rain. This is a normal natural phenomenon that occurs always. We do experience rainstorms now and then. Even though it’s natural, in a way, humans have a hand in it because of how we treat the environment. It is wrong to single-handedly blame someone just as the Mundaaches had done to “poor” Salmaan.
This was a carefree young lad who, since infancy hardly was shown any love by his people. They saw him as “accursed”. He lost everyone of his close relation and finally his wife of whom the Mundaaches had grievous doubt of how he was able to woo her.
Hamza Hajj Ayub
I’m tempted to say the Mundaaches are Salmaan’s problem and not the other way round. Because he had not even for once uttered a word to anyone during the period when his name appeared to make negative headlines.
A lot of people are victims of circumstances like Salmaan is. And naturally, people don’t like taking blames or being responsible for the outcome of their actions and inactions.
Always, they try to find ways to apportion blame to someone.
©Kandey Alhassan

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