Islamic school students denied of writing WASSCE because of Hijab

A total number of 35 students of Anisah Senior High school and Mercy Islamic School have been denied of writing their final exams, WASSCE, because they wore Hijab.
The incident happened at the Action Senior High School which serves as a center for WASSCE.
As it stands now, some who obliged to take off their Hijab have been allowed to partake in writing the exams whereas those who refused were left outside the exams hall, said our sources.
The hijab is part of both schools’ uniforms.
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  1. I don’t understand why what prescribed to the Christian’s in their own Bible when they fail to do it and u does it then it begins to pain them

  2. Please do send this issues to the office of Chief Immaam. I hope. Inshallah appropriate action to be taken.

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