These Are The English Names For These Popular Local Ghanaian Foods

There are so many local foods in Ghana that many people don’t know their English names. In this article, you will know some of them and their prospective English names so you don’t have to struggle when your child walks up one day to ask you.


it’s a popular herb that is used in remedies or chewed raw due to its amazing benefits. The English name for this herb is Mint leaves.

2. Kontomire.

These leaves are actually called taro leaves in English and it is usually used for stew and soups in Ghana and also have amazing health benefits.

3. Abeduro.

this is one of the healthy vegetables included in some Ghanaian recipes. is used for the treatment of anaemia, indigestion, diabetes and good for pregnant women. Turkey berries is actually the English name.

4. Yooyi.

a lot of people refer to it as blackberries but it’s actually called Velvet Tamarind.

5. Aluguntugui.

It is not called sweet apple as some people know but it is rather called Soursop.

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