Bring perpetrators to book – CSOs to police on lynching of alleged witch

Civil Society Organizations in Ghana have given the Ghana Police Service a three days final proposal to capture any individual who is engaged with the lynching of a supposed witch in Kafaba in the East Gonja Municipality of the Savannah locale.
Akua Denteh,90, was lynched by certain individuals in Kafaba people group on Thursday July 23 after been marked a witch by a soothsayer.
Gathered information uncovers thattthat perished was blamed for “constraining the advancement of the network profoundly” by a second seer after a first seer saw her not as liable of the claim.
At a joint question and answer session by Songtaba, ActionAid, and NORSAAC in Tamale and read by the Executive Director of Songtaba, Lamnatu Adam, the CSOs uncovered the “brutal demonstration can’t be acknowledged” in a 21st Century.
“CSOs in Ghana are giving the police a 3-day final proposal to impact the capture, since the essences of the culprits were entirely noticeable in the video”.
They further uncovered they are worried that brutality against ladies i.e black magic allegations dependent on doubts and charges keep on being the most inescapable appearances of victimization ladies and infringement of their human rights in Northern Ghana.
“We, the CSOs in Ghana are profoundly concerned and disheartened that Ghana, after shelter made progress in the advancement of human rights and even marked onto various human rights sanctions and conventions, including the CEDAW
will sit unapproachable and watch over this gross barbaric act dispensed to this old woman”.
Once more, the CSOs state the demonstration of preliminary by experience has condemned numerous ladies to live in avoided asserted witches camps which for a long time Songtaba and the reintegration board of trustees have dealt with effectively sharpening networks and to disband affirmed camps.
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“We approach the NCCE, CHRAJ, and MMDAs to help in advancing the refinement of networks on human rights infringement, for example, this”.
They have likewise approached Islamic pastors and overseers of culture to censure the demonstration and call for equity for the perished.
“It is fairly sad the culprits in this devious demonstration are heard adulating God saying “Allahu Akbar. Savagery has never been a piece of Islamic lessons and will never be thus”.

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